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Employee Engagement Survey to be administered April 24, 2014

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We need your help. Humboldt State University will be conducting an employee engagement survey in the coming weeks so that we can better understand how our faculty and staff feel about their work environment and the work they do, highlight our strengths, and identify opportunities to improve. 

You will receive an email with a link to the survey on April 24, 2014.  It should take you about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, so please take the time to do the survey when you get the email.

All faculty and staff members in all our divisions will be invited to complete the survey.

The survey is confidential and all responses will be handled anonymously.

Data from the survey will not be presented in any way that could tie a specific individual to their responses.

While your participation is voluntary, I hope that you will take the time to respond. Your honest and candid responses to the survey will be greatly appreciated and very helpful to our entire campus community.


Rollin C. Richmond

Humboldt State University