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Fulkerson Hall Temporarily Closed

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The University has temporarily closed Fulkerson Hall, including the audiovisual booth within the Music Building, so that repairs can be made to a damaged truss beam.

Options for repairs are being considered, and there is no firm date set for re-opening. Estimates at this point range from one to six weeks.

The crack in the wooden truss was discovered late last week by staff from Facilities Management, who were helping to install new lighting as part of a project by HEIF (Humboldt Energy Independence Fund). They immediately reported the situation, and Facilities Management closed the building due to safety concerns.

The beam was inspected on Thursday, August 15 by a consulting structural engineer, and it was decided that an immediate, permanent repair must be made before Fulkerson Hall or the audiovisual booth can be used. A temporary repair is not an option.

The damage was likely due to the age of the beam, seismic activity, or a combination.

Facilities Management is working with its consulting engineer and a local contracting firm to design, fabricate and install parts required to complete the repair plan, which will reinforce and properly strengthen the truss beam so that it is structurally and seismically sound. Every effort will be made to minimize disruptions to the academic program.

Once additional information is available, Facilities Management will work with the relevant campus units to make any necessary adjustments to class schedules or performances.

Questions may be directed to Facilities Management at 826-3646.

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