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Health Advisory: Blue-Green Algae Present in Klamath River

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Blue Green Algae Is Present

in the Klamath River

During summer and fall, the presence of blue green algae in the rivers can result in a dangerous buildup of toxins. While near-water activities such as camping, picnicking, biking, and hiking are generally safe, take the following precautions to help protect yourself, your family (including pets), and your friends:


• Keep pets, especially dogs, out of areas containing visible concentrations of algae; do not let them drink river water. 


• Do not swim or wade in areas with visible concentrations of algae. Supervise children and pets at all times—they are particularly vulnerable. 


• Swimmers should shower and pets should be rinsed with tap water after swimming. 


• Do not drink or cook with river water. 


• Fish may be consumed after removing guts and liver, and rinsing fillets in tap water. 


For more information, contact Humboldt County Division of Environmental Health at

(707) 445-6215 or 1-800-963-9241 or visit the California Department of Public Health online

Humboldt State University