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Online Course Evaluations ~ Spring 2014 ~ have begun!

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Greetings Faculty:

Online student course evaluations have been sent via Class Climate to students enrolled in your courses for the Spring 2014 term. Students received their first email this morning, April 28 and will be sent 3-day reminders until the evaluation is complete on May 10 (two full weeks). Of course if they complete the course evaluation promptly, they will not continue to receive reminders.

As a faculty member, if the response rate is less than 60% midway through the evaluation cycle, you will be sent an automatic sytem alerting you.

This informational message is being posted to myHumboldt to remind you that you can increase response rates for your course evaluation simply by making an announcement in class encouraging student participation and explaining the value of their feedback.

If in talking with your students you discover that an online evaluation has not been sent to students enrolled in your class, please Richard (  in the college office and we work to immediately resolve the issue.

Thanks! Ricky - x4491

Humboldt State University