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Reminder - ITS Project Proposal Deadline is March 24

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In case you missed the last announcement, ITS project prioritization is back! 

Detailed information about how to submit a proposal, along with a full description of the process, can be found on the ITS website at The deadline for submitting proposals is 5:00pm on Monday March 24.

How to submit a project proposal

For any task that will likely require more than 20 hours of ITS time and the efforts of two or more ITS staff, you should submit your request on a Project Request Form. You can find the form on the ITS website at We've made a few changes to the form which should make it a little easier to complete, and the actual approval process will be a little different this time around:

  • Sponsor information and support statements are not b required on this cycle, but we do recommend that you discuss your project with your VP before submitting your request.
  • The VPs will make the initial decision as to which proposals will go through the prioritization scoring process
  • If you're working on a process improvement initiative, you should also submit this as a prioritization request, completing the form as best you can

Remember that this process is for large projects only. Please continue to use your normal channels for communicating with ITS staff for your day-to-day technology needs. We encourage you to consult with anyone in ITS about any IT idea you may have, even if it's not (yet) a project request.

If you want to talk through your project ideas, get advice on how to best present the idea, or simply learn how to complete the form, please contact anyone in ITS with whom you're comfortable discussing the project. If you don't know anyone in ITS, please contact the Project Office at x5080 and we'll help you identify an appropriate person.

The results of the Spring 2014 prioritization cycle will be announced by the end of the semester. The earliest start date for approved projects will be July 2014.

Remember - to be considered in this prioritization cycle, project requests must be received by 5:00pm on March 24.

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