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Request for Proposals for Innovative Experimental Courses in GEAR

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AHSS will award developmental funding @ $1500 per successful submission to the college, if the proposal is approved by the ICC.  After initial acceptance by the college, the proposal to the ICC must follow all guidelines in the ICC approval process document.

Please submit your proposals electronically using the Word document linked below (RFP GEAR.docx) to Kenneth.Ayoob@humboldt.edu by Friday, March 7th.  Successful awardees will be notified by March 11th. 

You can access the ICC guidelines by following this link:





Request for Proposals for Innovative Experimental Courses in GEAR


Name(s) _________________________    Department(s) _________________


  1. Please attach a brief description of the course(s) and the approach that is planned, addressing how the proposed course is different from what is currently being done (i.e., what is it that makes the proposed course innovative?) and how the proposed course will foster student success.


  1. What area(s) of GE are being met?


  1. What term do you propose to offer the course?


  1. What is/are the proposed class size(s), Student Credit Units, Weighted Teaching Units?
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