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UC Catering & Windows Cafe Invoices

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As of July 1, 2018 there will be changes related to UC Catering and Windows Café invoices:

Windows Café Invoices

Windows Café will no longer be issuing invoices to departments. If dining on official university business, a ProCard will need to be used and a Hospitality form and itemized receipt submitted with the ProCard reconciliation. When using a ProCard at Windows Café, tips are now possible; please note for official university business the tip cannot exceed 20%. If you are not a ProCard holder, you will be allowed personal reimbursement by submitting the Hospitality form with an itemized receipt.

UC Catering Invoices

UC Catering invoices will be distributed by the UC to each individual department rather than via mass billing. Upon receiving the invoice please fill out and attach the Hospitality form and invoice (not the contract) and submit to either, or via campus mail to Accounts Payable, SBS 345 (please don’t submit both ways to avoid duplicate efforts).

Any questions can be directed to Tawny Fleming at extension 4273 or

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