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Virtual Green Room Promotes Eco-Friendly Living

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Do you know how to reduce your carbon footprint at home?


The Virtual Green Room is here to show you. The online demonstration room provides sustainable living habits like choosing green cleaners, using energy-efficient lighting and opting for alternate forms of transportation.


The site presents visitors with a model residence hall room, where they can click on special features for more information on reducing waste and conserving energy.


Other Virtual Green Room tips:


 - Getting Green Room Certified


 - Taking advantage of thrift stores


 - Using reusable beverage cups


 - Buying local, organic food


"The goal of the Virtual Green Room project is to showcase green living at Humboldt State," says Morgan King, Sustainability & Waste Coordinator. "It demonstrates lifestyle choices, as well as services provided by HSU and the community, to help future and current residents save money, stay healthy, get connected and help the planet. These tips may also be helpful to HSU faculty, staff and community members looking to reduce their ecological impact."


King estimates the project has the potential of reducing HSU’s greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. Depending on student participation, it could also save the university more than $5,000 a year in electricity, natural gas and solid waste costs.


The Virtual Green Room was initiated by the Office of Sustainability with input from Residence Life, Power Save Campus, the Waste Reduction & Resource Awareness Program and other campus groups.


For more on sustainability at HSU, visit


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