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Welcome new ITS project coordinator Billie Herman

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Billie Herman joined the IT Project Office 7/7/14 as a project coordinator alongside Sabre Stacey, filling our last empty seat. Read on for a short Q&A that will give you an idea of who she is and what she's about ...

Q  You've had a pretty varied career. Do you think project management has been a natural part of your career evolution?

A Although my career has taken a number of different turns, from law enforcement to entrepreneur to the tech world, the common denominator has always been understanding people and how to work best with others. For me, projects of any kind are really about people. To manage a project is to understand the dynamics of the people involved on the project and to foster the best interactions possible among that team of people. So I would say yes, project management has been a natural evolution of my career because everything I have learned along the way has been of value to what I do today. 

Q What's your favorite part of the project management process?

A It's really hard not to love the end of a project. Either the project was a success and everyone is excited about that success and celebrating or it was not so successful and everyone has the opportunity to partake in some very interesting discussions and great self-actualization opportunities. 

Q What appeals to you about working at Humboldt State University?

A First of all, let me say that I am so excited about working at HSU that it's been hard to think about anything else. The biggest draw for me is the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself, where the purpose is not to gain something, but rather to give something - to the student population, the university, and society as a whole.  

Q What are you looking forward to in moving to Humboldt County?

A I grew up in a small college town so the streets of downtown Arcata inspire instant childhood memories for me. I am also looking forward to being part of a smaller community. And then, I truly am an old hippie at heart. 

Q Have you planned any fun Humboldt County trips yet?

A My life has been very full these past months with just the transition. But my partner is from Humboldt County, so even with a full head, I've picked up whispers of "you're going to love this and that ..." I can't wait for the adventure to begin!

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