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01-89/90-EX Resolution from the Senate Executive Committee on Parking Fees

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WHEREAS, The California State University, acting in accordance with approval of the Board of Trustees, has imposed unilaterally (and without meeting and conferring in collective bargaining) a parking fee increase for Unit 3 faculty and has imposed said fee increase retroactively; and

WHEREAS, Such action has undermined collegiality and has had a very adverse effect on faculty morale; and

WHEREAS, A neutral factfinding panel has determined that parking fees are an item subject to good faith collective bargaining pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding existing between faculty (by their bargaining representative, California Faculty Association) and the Board of Trustees of the California State University; and

WHEREAS, The California Faculty Association is the exclusive bargaining representative of Unit 3 faculty; be it therefore

RESOLVED: That the California State University should, and is hereby requested to,
immediately meet and confer in good faith with the California Faculty Association on the issue of parking fees and that said parties should determine jointly, and in good faith, the parking fees for Unit 3 faculty.

PASSED:    09/05/89

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