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02-10/11-APC Policy for a Minimum Passing Grade Requirement for Graduate Degrees

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Resolved:  That the Academic Senate of Humboldt State University recommends to the President that the minimum passing grade requirement for courses used to satisfy the requirements of a Master’s Degree at HSU will be a B-; and be it further

Resolved:  That current students may elect to complete their program with the minimum grade requirements as stated in the HSU Catalog published the year that they were admitted.  Where there are conflicts in the catalogs through 2010/2011, with two or more different standards, a student will be required to meet the standard set by the program; and be it further

Resolved: That a higher grade standard than the campus minimum (B-) may be specified by a graduate degree program.

Rationale: In examining the CSU campuses requirements for minimum grades, it becomes apparent that each campus has established their own standards ranging from a minimum grade of C- to B for graduate students. There is little commonality amongst campuses beyond the system requirement of maintaining a 3.0 overall GPA. A standard of B- as the minimum acceptable grade for courses applying to the degree program is within the range of other CSU Campus Policies. At its meeting on August 30, 2010, the Graduate Council affirmed the B- minimum grade policy as currently stated in both the HSU Catalog and the HSU Policy Handbook. 

PASSED – Academic Senate – October 5, 2010
APPROVED – President Richmond – October 26, 2010


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