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03-10/11-APC HSU Internship Policy

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Resolved: That the Academic Senate of Humboldt State University recommends to the President the adoption of the attached HSU Internship Policy dated 9/14/10.

Rationale: The CSU has developed a number of required processes to reduce risk to the university system. A recent audit made clear that HSU was out of compliance with these processes.  HSU is required to bring Internship practice into alignment with CSU procedures. This policy also aligns the process of developing and offering internships with the recent changes in governance structures. Failure to align HSU policy and procedures with the CSU requirements represents an unacceptable level of financial risk for HSU.
PASSED – Academic Senate – October 5, 2010
APPROVED – President Richmond – October 8, 2010
ATTACHMENT to Resolution #03-10/11-APC (.pdf)


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