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06-11/12-APC Time Limit for Undergraduate Report in Progress (RP) Grades

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Resolution on Time Limit for Undergraduate Report in Progress (RP) Grades

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of Humboldt State University recommends to the President that a policy be adopted to require undergraduates to resolve a RP (Report in Progress) grade by completing required coursework within one year; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the conditions for removal of the RP shall be reduced to writing by the instructor and made available to the student with a copy placed with the appropriate campus officer until the RP is removed or the time limit for removal has passed; and be it further

RESOLVED: That failure to complete the coursework within one year from the end of the term will result in a RP grade being administratively changed to a grade of F (Failure) or to a grade of NC (No Credit) depending on the grade mode of the course; and be it further

RESOLVED: That under special circumstances, as approved by the instructor and with the submission of a Petition of the Student, the time period can be extended, and be it further

RESOLVED: That once the RP grade has been changed, the grade will be included in the student’s grade point average. 

Currently there is no policy regarding the length of time a RP grade can remain on a student’s record.  There have been 447 students who graduated with pending “RP” grades since 1991 (ca. 22 per year). For graduate students who are engaged in thesis work, the seven year limit on coursework provides an adequate framework.  However, for undergraduate students a time period comparable to an Incomplete will provide the needed flexibility for yearlong courses or combinations of courses where grading would be inappropriate after the first half of the coursework. For undergraduates, there are currently 1,544 “RP” or “SP” (earlier designation of the same thing) grades pending that are more than a year old.
Students sometimes graduate with RP grades unresolved.  At other times these grades linger and are only addressed at the eleventh hour, just in time to graduate. Students will not be penalized by this change, as RP grades are not included for the purposes of degree checks. The changes made by this policy align RP grading with the current standards for Incompletes.
Providing a form that parallels the current form for an incomplete grade will provide efficient communication between the student and faculty member to ensure clear understanding of the conditions for replacing the RP grade.
PASSED Without Dissent: Academic Senate, 11/01/11
APPROVED: President Richmond, 11/28/11


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