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VPAA 13-10 CEEE Advisory Council

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VPAA 13-10

 The General University Policy on Distance Education establishes an advisory committee to which questions on distance education should be referred.  That advisory committee, called the ‘CEEE Advisory Council’, will become effective fall semester 2014 and will be chaired by the Associate Vice President for the College of eLearning and Extended Education (CEEE), who has oversight responsibility for distance education at the University.  Membership and charge have been determined in consultation with the Provost and Chair of the University Senate.

The CEEE Advisory Council will serve as an advisor to the Associate Vice President for eLearning and Extended Education.
Members of the CEEE Advisory Council are familiar and/or interested in the use of technology in delivering instruction. The Council will play an important advisory role in recommending eLearning initiatives, policies and services that should be provided to students and faculty and in setting guidelines for the assessment of learning outcomes.
The Council’s advisory responsibilities include the following areas:
•           Curriculum and Instruction: Curriculum oversight and coherence, assessment of courses, delivery and platform choices, instructor evaluation process and monitoring the proportion of online courses available in each major, etc.
•           Faculty Support and Satisfaction: Faculty development, training, on-going support, and technical support.
•           Student Satisfaction and Academic Services: Information and resources provided to students such as orientation, self-assessment, advisement, website, etc.; timely and accessible, services and information, library resources, and technical support.
•           Sustainability and Growth: Systemic approach integrating student, academic, and faculty services; strategic consideration of human, technical, and funding resources related to growth; eLearning out-reach and business plan, prioritization of programs, and courses for eLearning. 
•           Evaluation and Assessment:  Appropriate eLearning assessment rubric (e.g., QOLT), course evaluation and overall success and retention rates as compared to face-to-face courses.
•           Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with relevant regulatory dimensions of eLearning, (e.g., ADA, HLC, and OBOR requirements).
AVP, College of eLearning and Extended Education (chair)
Associated Students representative
College Dean (appointed by Provost)
CFA Chapter President or designee
University Senate Liaison (appointed by senate appointment committee)
Faculty Representatives (appointed by the College Deans a 2-year term, One from each college)
Senior AVP, Faculty Affairs and Human Resources
Vice Provost of Academic Programs
Administrative Staff:
Dean of CEEE, Director of Academic Technology of CEEE and Director of Extended Education
Committee Support:
This committee’s work will be supported out of the College of eLearning and Extended Education

Meetings: Quarterly, and as needed

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