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HSU Policies

20-11/12-FAC Policy on the Voluntary Reassignment of Faculty

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RESOLVED: That theUniversity Senate of Humboldt State University recommends to the President that the attached Policy on the Voluntary Reassignment of Faculty (February 2012) be adopted, and be it further

 RESOLVED: That this policy shall be effective immediately upon approval of the President.
RATIONALE: Humboldt State currently lacks a policy governing the voluntary reassignment of faculty from one program to another. Without a policy, any such reassignments could take place without consultation of affected parties. This policy, developed from the best practices at other institutions, establishes a clear framework for voluntary transfers to take place through a consultative process involving the faculty member seeking the transfer, the faculty and chairs of affected departments, and the college deans.
University Senate:       Passed Unanimously, March 27, 2012
President Richmond:   Approved, April 23, 2012


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