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22-12/13-APC Change to Policy on Second Bachelor's Degree

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RESOLVED: That the University Senate of Humboldt State University recommends that students be dissuaded from concurrently pursuing two bachelor's degrees; and be it further
RESOLVED:  That the HSU catalog be changed (as marked on the attachment to this resolution) regarding the second bachelor's degree, as noted in the attachment. 
RATIONALE:  This change would contribute to student success.  Currently, students who are ineligible to declare a double major can pursue a "second bachelor's degree" instead.  This change would close that loophole. 
These changes would not affect the availability of post- baccalaureate STEM coursework for prospective graduate students. 
University Senate:       Passed, 03/12/13

President Richmond:   Approved, 04/06/13 



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