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23-12/13-EX Amendments to General Faculty Constitution: Eligibility and Term Limits for General Faculty Representatives to the Statewide Senate

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RESOLVED:  That a Faculty Session of the University Senate of Humboldt State University consider the following amendments to the Constitution of the General Faculty of HSU (HSU Faculty Handbook, Appendix E) (insertions underlined):

4.0       Officers and Elected Representatives of the General Faculty
 4.5          Representatives to the ASCSU (Statewide Senate) shall be elected by the General Faculty
4.51 Any full-time tenure-line member of the General Faculty is eligible to serve as the HSU General Faculty Representative to the ASCSU.
4.52 Term limits for other officers and elected representatives of the General Faculty shall not apply to HSU General Faculty Representatives to the ASCSU (Statewide Senate)
and be it further
RESOLVED:  That if approved, these amendments will be forwarded to the HSU General Faculty for a vote in Spring 2013, following notification of the General Faculty of the proposed amendments at least seven days prior to the election.
RATIONALE:  A motion from the May 5, 2011 Academic Senate meeting stated the need for an amendment to the General Constitution to clarify the question of term limits for ASCSU senators from HSU.  In Spring 2012, the question was raised regarding eligibility for the position of General Faculty Representative to the ASCSU.  The Constitution of Academic Senate CSU provides the following rules governing campus elections of statewide representatives:
Section 3. Eligibility to Serve as a Campus Representative:  Only those persons eligible to vote for campus representatives shall be able to serve as campus representatives, provided that the faculty of the campus may, at its discretion, establish additional requirements for service as a campus representative.
Section 4. Eligibility to Vote for Campus Representatives:  All members of the faculty at each campus shall be eligible to vote for campus representatives to serve in the Academic Senate. Each campus shall determine which members of the campus community are considered to be faculty.
Section 5. Elections of Campus Representatives:  Campus representatives represent the entire faculty of a campus, and not the campus academic senate and shall be elected at each campus in a campus-wide election. In any year in which such an election is held, the election results shall be certified to a designated officer of the Academic Senate by the principal elected officer of the faculty of that campus.
University Senate:           Passed, 04/02/13
General Faculty:               Approved (Spring 2013 – May 13-17) General Faculty Election
                                            (152 Yes votes, 53 No votes)

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