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26-12/13-CBC Revision of the University Senate Bylaws and Rules of Procedure

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RESOLVED:  That the Constitution and Bylaws Committee recommends to the University Senate of Humboldt State University that the University Senate Bylaws and Rules of Procedure be amended to include the changes indicated in the attached revision of that document.

Rationale:  The Bylaws and Rules of Procedure of the University Senate as originally adopted sufficiently laid the groundwork for the processes of the Senate.  They are, however, organizationally taxing, somewhat repetitive, in some places unclear, and in some places in conflict with other foundation documents.  The revision attached seeks to clarify the Bylaws, to better reflect current practice, and to make the Bylaws consistent with the University Senate Constitution.
University Senate:           Passed unanimously, 03/12/13

No further action required 

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