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HSU Policies

27-05/06-EP General University Policy on Distance Education

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RESOLVED:  That the Academic Senate of Humboldt State University recommends that the University accept and implement the attached “General University Policy on Distance Education,” dated May 1, 2006, to become effective the beginning of the academic year 2006/07.
RATIONALE:  Over the past decade, a number of key policy issues have been identified as barriers to the sustained development and delivery of distance education courses at HSU.  The Distance Learning Subcommittee of the UCC analyzed these issues and was able to collect appropriate data from six CSU campuses where Distance Learning is a sustained and successful element of the academic programs.  The proposed policy represents a set of recommendations based on analysis of those data.
Academic Senate:               Passed, 08/29/06
President Richmond:          Approved, 10/10/06


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