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27-12/13-FAC Pilot of Electronic Anonymous Student Evaluations of Teaching

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 RESOLVED: That the University Senate of Humboldt State University (USHSU) recommends to the President that electronic anonymous student evaluations of teaching (course evaluations) be piloted in the Spring 2013 semester; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the USHSU will create a task force comprised of three faculty, two staff, and one administrator to oversee the implementation of a university-wide pilot of electronic course evaluations; and be it further
RESOLVED: That the implementation task force will deploy electronic evaluations in such a way as to ensure the highest response rate possible during the pilot; and be it further
RESOLVED: That the implementation task force and the Office of the Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs brief all levels of personnel review on the impact of electronic course evaluations, particularly with respect to the overall mean scores and response rates; and be it further
RESOLVED: That the implementation task force report back to the Senate on the effects of this change no later than first regular Senate meeting of October 2013, and be it further
RESOLVED: That the USHSU create a task force, comprised of three faculty, to review the current standardized student evaluative instrument, recommend changes to the instrument, and report back to the Senate no later than the first regular Senate meeting of April, 2014.
RATIONALE: The new Collective Bargaining Agreement mandates the evaluation of all courses for teaching effectiveness every semester.  This change to the CBA results in an increase in both staff workload and use of resources.  Electronic submission of student evaluations of teaching effectiveness (SETs) has been used for many years at other campuses successfully.  This resolution would establish a pilot to test the effectiveness of electronic course evaluations across campus at Humboldt State. To alleviate the concerns over reduced numerical scores and fewer student comments on electronic SETs compared to in-class pencil and paper SETs, all instructors will be required to use electronic SETs and administrative and faculty committee personnel reviewers shall be briefed on the impact of the use of electronic SETs so as to minimize comparisons between paper and electronic course evaluations for the Spring 2013 pilot.
University Senate:           Passed, 03/12/13
President Richmond:      Approved, 3/18/13

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