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30-12/13-APC: Resolution on Course Numbering System

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RESOLVED: That the University Senate of Humboldt State University recommends that the attached Course Numbering System be adopted.   
RATIONALE:  The current course numbering system is part of VPAA 95-01, "Guidelines and Policies Concerning Course Credit Units, Class Schedules, and Course Numbering," which is being superseded by the new scheduling system. 
This new course numbering system simply combines into one document the rules regarding course numbers from VPAA 95-01, as well as subsequent rules VPAA 10-02, and VPAA 10-05.  No substantive changes are being made.  Only minor changes have been made for the sake of clarity. 
University Senate:       Passed unanimously, 04/02/13

President Richmond:  Approved, 05/08/13 

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