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35-12/13-ICC: Online Certificate in Institutional Research

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Resolved:  That the University Senate of Humboldt State University recommends to the Provost that a new on-line Certificate in Institutional Research and all associated curriculum forms (12-231, 12-223, 12-224, and 12-225) be approved;  and be it further

Resolved:  That Academic Oversight for the Certificate in Institutional Research will reside with the Psychology Department. 
Rationale: The ICC is convinced that the curriculum for this certificate is sound, and that there should be sufficient student interest in the program.  Furthermore, the Provost has determined that all new Certificate programs must be offered through the College of e-Learning and Extended Education, which means that if enrollment is not sufficient, the program will not be offered. 
The ICC has considered a number of questions and implications about this certificate and certificate programs in general.  The most relevant of these questions and answers are provided below. 
  • What are the implications for our current stateside students who might want to enroll in these Extended Education Certificate courses?  Students will have to pay extra fees to enroll in the courses for this certificate, and these courses will not count toward an HSU MA.  Alex Hwu, Associate Vice-President of the College of e-Learning and Extended Education, intends to keep the fees for a limited number of current HSU students (5 for the first cohort) lower than the fees that non-HSU students will pay (initially $100 a unit, vs. $399 for outside students).  Current stateside students may use their Financial Aid to pay for Extended Ed courses, and these courses will count towards the graduate Financial Aid cap (which is 125% of the maximum units required for the degree). 
  • Who are the target students for this Certificate?  Post-baccalaureate students with degrees in social science and/or mathematics fields.  In many cases, the students may already be working in Institutional Research offices.  Some of the students are expected to be HSU Psychology MA students; the Psychology Department expects to help students use the Internship part of the IR Courses to collect data for their Psychology MA Masters Projects/Theses. 
  • What is the schedule for offering these courses?  Each new cohort will begin in the Spring, and take one course per semester for three semesters.  This schedule makes sense, because most of the students for this certificate will either be working or in grad school, and thus would not have time to take more than one course at a time. 
  • Are there faculty to teach these courses?  Jacque Honda plans to teach at least in the initial semesters, plus we have at least two other local people who are qualified to teach.  In addition, because this is an online program, the College of e-Learning and Extended Education in conjunction with the Psychology Department, could hire additional faculty as needed, even if those faculty do not live in Humboldt County. 
University Senate:  Passed, 04/30/13
Provost Snyder:  Approved, 05/14/13


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