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36-12/13-EX Resolution on Anti-Hazing Policy

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RESOLVED: That the University Senate of Humboldt State University commends the work of the Anti-Hazing Working Group; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the University Senate of Humboldt State University recommends approval of the attached Anti-Hazing and Initiation Policy to the President; and be it further
RESOLVED: That the attached Anti-Hazing and Initiation Policy become effective upon approval of the President.
RATIONALE: In response to hazing incidents involving two university Intercollegiate Athletic teams in fall 2012, President Richmond and Vice President Blake directed the Dean of Students to form an Anti-Hazing Work Group to address gaps in the university’s Anti-Hazing programming and policies. The working group was charged with revising Humboldt State’s anti-hazing policy and bringing it into compliance with Title 5 of The California Code of Rules and Regulations, section 41301 Student Code of Conduct and to establish a policy expressing greater uniformity across athletics, clubs, and residential life. Areas for review included:  the university hazing policy; lesson plans for anti-hazing training for students; calendar for anti-hazing student training; and anti-hazing training for coaches, advisors, student families, and alumni.
The Anti-Hazing Work group has drafted a single, university-wide anti-hazing policy with reference to the Title 5 conduct standards regarding hazing.  (Attached)  The draft has been reviewed and edited by the CSU Office of General Counsel.  The policy shall appear verbatim in both the Intercollegiate Student Athlete participation agreement and the Club Student participation agreement effective fall semester 2013.  This will ensure that every student athlete and every student club member, including members of Sports Clubs and Intramurals, will sign an agreement confirming that they will abide by the university’s anti-hazing policy.  Such a participation agreement shall be adopted by the Office of Residential Life for student participants in Residence Life organizations.  The new anti-hazing policy shall also appear in the HSU Catalog, Club Handbook, Residential Life Policy Handbook, and on the Student Rights and Responsibilities web site.
University Senate:       Passed Unanimously, 05/07/13
President Richmond:   Approved, 05/23/13

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