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EM:P03-06 Diversity Program Funding Committee

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Reports To: The University President through the University Executive Committee

Purpose: The committee will receive, review and prioritize funding allocation requests for multicultural programs. A fixed budget will be allocated for funding these multicultural programs. The committee will recommend funding prioritized programming to the President for his signature.

In addition to the allocated budget, the committee will establish a Foundation Trust account in which it will deposit donations for use in providing multicultural programs. The committee will publish and acknowledge HSU and all donors.

Multicultural Programs (definition): For a program to be deemed multicultural and receive funding it must be offered on campus to the University community and raise awareness of ethnic diversity, cultural diversity and/or increase membership of underrepresented groups in the campus community.


  • Two faculty members appointed by the Senate Appointments Committee (staggered two-year term)
  • Three students appointed by the Associated Students (one-year term)
  • Director of Diversity and Compliance Services
  • Director of the Multicultural Center
  • Dean for Undergraduate Studies
  • Director of Student Life

The members of the committee will select the Chair of the committee annually. The Office for Diversity and Compliance Services will provide administrative support for the committee. The committee will provide a report once each semester to the University Executive Committee.

The University Executive Committee will review the effectiveness, status and standing of the Diversity Program Funding Committee biennially.

Distribution: Faculty & Staff (via e-mail)
Committee Type: Administrative

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