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EM:P11-02 Charitable Donation Acceptance Policy

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Supersedes P05-04

This Executive Memorandum addresses the process of accepting and managing charitable donations on behalf of Humboldt State University.


In the 2004-2005 academic year, the Humboldt State University Advancement Foundation (HSUAF) was formed. The HSUAF exists to support and advance the mission of Humboldt State University by securing private support, developing and managing entrepreneurial activities, overseeing philanthropic activities, and managing endowed and other assets as requested by the University.


All charitable gifts intended to benefit any unit, program, scholarship or auxiliary of Humboldt State University are accepted by the HSUAF.

Endowed funds, with the exception of endowments already established and held in HSU state accounts, are held and invested by the HSUAF. All new endowments are held by the HSUAF. Each year, a portion of the investment returns from endowments held by HSUAF may be distributed, in accordance with the donor’s endowment agreement, to the appropriate campus entity.


All cash gifts are received and deposited by the Gift Processing Center (GPC), which is within the Division of Administrative Affairs. The GPC works with the Division of University Advancement to ensure appropriate distribution of the funds as well as accurate reporting of such funds. The specific distribution of cash gifts is determined by the intent of the donor. University Advancement is responsible for reporting and acknowledging all gifts, as well as for notifying the relevant campus program.

Non-endowed gift funds are distributed to the appropriate campus entity.

Non-cash gifts are coordinated through the Division of University Advancement.

Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the University President.



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