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HSUAF 05-07 HSU Advancement Foundation Communications Policy

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HSUAF 05-07

I.        PURPOSE

It is the Foundation’s goal to foster good communications with students, staff, faculty, donors, general public and the media.   
A.  The Spokespersons for the HSU Advancement Foundation are the University President, Executive Director and Chair of the Board.
Therefore, any communication requests should be directed to the above Spokespersons. This includes written or verbal communication. Spokespersons may be reached at (707) 826-5110. 
However, communications related to day to day operations can be handled by the HSUAF staff. HSUAF staff may be reached at (707) 826-5110.
B. It is important that Board members and HSUAF staff follow the above procedures and recognize their responsibility in honoring the communications policy.


Office of the President • 1 Harpst St., Arcata, CA 95521 • 707.826.3311• Contact Us.