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HSUAF 12-03 HSU Advancement Foundation Centennial Fundraising Resolution

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HSUAF 12-03

Centennial Fundraising Resolution

Approved on March 9, 2012

The Humboldt State University Advancement Foundation Board enthusiastically supports and endorses the philanthropic priorities described below as key  components for the University’s upcoming Centennial Celebration.
As directors and as individuals, our board members commit to wholeheartedly supporting the Centennial fundraising effort. We will lead through our personal philanthropy, stewardship of HSU’s many valued donors, and individual outreach.
Through our leadership, we pledge to inspire others to support Humboldt State University and to raise the University’s sights as it enters its second century of exceptional teaching and research.
During the three-year period from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2014, the Directors of the HSU Advancement Foundation will:
•                  fulfill their annual board giving expectation
•                  contribute at least $2 million as a group; and
•                  actively participate in raising at least an additional $1 million, for a total of $3 million, in private support for the University.
These funds will support three primary objectives, which are all designed to enhance and strengthen the Humboldt experience for students:
1. Scholarship Support: Scholarships are crucial in attracting students and in helping them achieve their academic goals, particularly given the fast-rising cost of college education. Priorities are endowed scholarships; current use funds for the prestigious President’s Scholarship; and current use funds for HSU’s general scholarship fund.
2. Green and Gold Room and Centennial Grove Projects: The old library in Founder’s Hall, an important but neglected piece of HSU history, will be renovated into a student study lounge as well as a small events venue that showcases Humboldt State history. An existing redwood grove near the athletics complex will be landscaped and transformed into a space for honoring individuals associated with the University.
3. Experiential Learning: A cornerstone of an HSU education, often cited by alumni as particularly valuable. Student support funds, through assistantships, stipends, research and travel funds, will provide students with unique research and experiential learning opportunities for which HSU is renowned. Program funds will support curricular enhancements, undergraduate research with faculty, service learning, class projects in the community, internship programs, and the like.


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