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VP 66-l Educational TV Committee

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VP 66-l

The  minutes of  the Academic Council for December l, 1964 contain the following statement:

"College Educational TV Committee: Basic policy is being established by the Trustees.  Need for a local committee to assist regarding developments is apparent.  Division chair­men were invited to suggest one to three persons each who might be considered for service on such a committee. Committee is planned as an administrative committee."
The Educational TV Committee is hereby established and will be responsible to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The membership of the Committee is as follows:


  • Anderson, Dale
  • Brant, Daniel
  • Carroll, James
  • Chaffey, Kay
  • Goodrich, George
  • Knight,Thomas
  • Milhous, Ivan
  • Nichols, William
  • Rhea, Mark
  • Schenler, William
  • Stradley, Jean
  • Wattle, Thomas


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