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VP 68-1 Final Examination Schedules

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VP 68-1

As you know, the President of this institution approved an experimental examination schedule for the 1967-68 academic year.

This plan was recommended to the President by  the Academic Senate and announced by  Executive Memorandum P 67-12,  dated September 15, 1967. The plan requires that all classes meet throughout the last week of  each quarter. Meeting this requirement is your individual and professional obligation.
According to some, many instructors scheduled examinations during the first of the week and cancelled one or more of the subsequent weekly meetings. The net result was an uneven examination schedule for many of our students.  Inquiry among students indicates that not a few instructors, wishing to avoid a heavy Monday-Tuesday schedule, are planning to concentrate their examinations when they expect a light assignment campus-wide, that is on Wednesday-Thursday. No one knows if this tendency is really significant.
The principal purpose of this communication is to urge every faculty member spread the examining process as evenly as possible through­ out the week. The  secondary purpose is to remind each of you that you do have an obligation to abide by the policy enunciated in the aforementioned Executive Memorandum.


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