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VP 70-2 Announcement of Regular Appointment of Staff Deans, Office for Academic Affairs

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VP 70-2

Consultation has been completed with respect  to filling on a regular basis the staff dean positions in this office which have been occupied on an acting basis since September, 1969. Those consulted regarding evaluation of  the acting deans included the School Deans, the Division Chairman, and other administrative staff personnel who use the services of the staff deans.

On  the basis of  this consultation, and  with the President's concurrence, it gives me pleasure to announce the appointment on a regular basis of the fol­lowing faculty who have been serving on an acting basis:
  •  Dr.Whitney Buck, Dean for Undergraduate Studies
  • Dr. Alba  Gillespie, Dean for Graduate Studies
  • Dr.  Richard Ridenhour, Dean  or Academic Planning
Since, by State administrative code, tenure may not be obtained in academic­ administrative positions,  such appointments are subject to reassignment based on the academic tenure of faculty involved.


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