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VP 70-5 Teacher Preparation Committee

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VP 70-5

Pursuant to my memorandum of  October 12, 1971, the school deans and division chairman have reported their nominations for appointment to member­ship on this committee. The committee membership follows:

1. Representatives of  School of Behavioral and Social Sciences other than education

  • James Carrol
  • John  Hennessy

2. Representatives of School of Creative Arts & Humanities

  • Charles Ruggles
  • David Smith

3.  Representatives of  Schoolof  Business  &  Economics

......Bob Kittleson

4.    Representatives of School of Natural Resources

  • John  Hewston

5.    Representatives of School of Science

  • John  Bergerson
  • John  Butler

6.  Representatives of Division of Health & Physical Education

  • Louise Watson

7.    Representatives of Education Department, including Department Chairman and Coordinators of Teacher Education

  • Pat  McGlynn
  • Robert Braund
  • C. K.  Leonard

8.  Representative of Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Whitney  Buck
The  Chairman of  the Education Department will serve as the committee chairman until such time that the Vice Presidentf or Academic Affairs may designate another individual as chairman.

The Teacher Preparation Committee is free to add temporary members representing faculty, students and the public schools involved in teacher preparation.

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