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VP 71-5 Easing of Restriction on Operating Expense Expenditures 1970-71 Fiscal Year

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VP 71-5

This  memorandum will serve  to amend  Administrative  Memorandum VP 71-4 of  May  25, 1971  which restricted  further operating expenseexpenditures for the  current fiscal year. The amendment relates  to  instructional operating expense expenditures only.

The survey of critical needs to cover on going college operating expenditures noted in  VP 71-4 has  now been  completed.  As a result to the prior  standard  of emergency need  as a basis for  permitting expenditures from  existing balances can now be  eased so that ordering for normal ongoing needs can  be authorized on an  item-by-item basis.  Stock piling of  suppliesfor  the  1971-72 instructional operating program  cannot, however, be authorized.
Orders which meet  the above criterion for  authorization will be permitted by this office on an item-by-item basis to  the  extent that present general college balances permit.  I am asking Purchasing to route all orders itisnow  holding to Dean Ridenhour for reviewand approval  Additional orders for  the  balance of this fiscal year  should also be  routed to Dean  Ridenhour.


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