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VP 71-6 Schedule for Sabbatical Leave Applications for the 1972-73 Academic Year

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VP 71-6

I am  taking this means of  informing all interested  faculty members of  the dates which have been established  for  submitting applications  for  sabbatical leaves for  the academic year 19 72-73.

Sabbatical leave application forms are available in the President's office and may be pickedp  in person or  requested by  phone from  Mrs. Virginia Rumble,the  President's secretary, extension 3311.  Completed applications must be  filed no  later than 5:00p.m.  on  November19, 1971.
Sabbatical leave applications will be reviewed by the Research and Creative Activities Committee.  I am asking the committee to  make  its recommendations no  later than December 8,  1971.  The  announcement of  decisions will be  made as soon as feasible, probably within a  month after the receipt of  the recommendations.
It  should be noted that the precise number of sabbatical  leaves which can be authorized and  funded will depend upon the1972-7 3 budget allocation. Although the allocation to Humboldt State College may not  be  known until mid-summer,1972,  we  hope that an earlier indication will be available  by February, 1972.  We  regret that it is not possible, based on prior experience,to  make commitments which can be  reliedupon with finality.                                                                                                                                        Pertinent information about the status of probable allocations in the1972-73 budget will be communicated to  the faculty as soon as it  becomes avail­able to  the college.


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