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VP 72-4 Announcement of Appointment - Coordinator of the Affirmative Action Program: Faculty

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VP 72-4

With the concurrence of the School Deansand  Division Chairmen and with the approvalof the  University President, Professor Kathryn  Corbett has been appointed Coordinatorof the University'sAffirmative Action Program:                                               

Faculty effective with the start of the winter quarter, 1973. Professor Corbett, in  addition to other distinguished work  for  the  faculty,  has served as General Faculty President and  Chairman of  the University Reappointment and  Tenure Committee, thereby bringing an  exceptional  background to  this assignment.
The University’s program statement was distributed to the general faculty on October 11, 1972.  Pending further review of this statementby the University's Academic Senate as recently requested by the University President, Professor Corbett will coordinate implementation of the program as a staff member of the Office for Academic Affairs. Her activities will include assisting  school deans and  department chairmen with affirmative action recruitment,  reviewing authorized faculty recruitment with respect to  efforts called for  by  the program statement,  liaison with committees of  the Academic Senate and  General Faculty with respect to  any modifications of  personnel policy related to facilitating the program, service as the administrative designee of  the  Vice  President for Academic Affairs to  receive the advice of  the affirmative action committee called for  in the program statement,and  generally to  assist implementation of  the program.
The University Academic Senate is being requested to  advise the  President on the procedure for  establishment of  the affirmative action committee.


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