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VP 74-1 Survey Requests Involving Class Time for Completion

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VP 74-1

With increasing frequency classes have been interrupted by requests for distribution of a variety of surveys, questionnaires and like materials. Scheduled instruction has been adversely affected since itis often not possible to provide alternative learning experiences.  Faculty is put in the positionof evaluating the relative priority of the study compared with scheduled class activities.  As a result,the Council of Deans has asked the Vice President for Academic Affairs to establish the following policy and procedures.

Effective immediately, all inter-campus requests for surveys which utilize class time for completion areto be cleared through the Office for Academic Affairs.  Such surveys will not be honored by instructors unless approved in advance.
The exception to the above involves intra-school/division survey requests. If the request requires class time for completion,itis subject to approval in advance by the School Dean/Division Chairman.
Requests for surveys requiring prior approval by  the Office for  Academic Affairs are to  be sent to  Pat  Vanderklis, Administration Building 216  and intra-school requests should be sent to  the School Dean's Office.

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