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VP 79-1 Humboldt State University Student Instructional Activity in the Public Schools

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VP 79-1

The University is responsible for and must approve in advance any instructionally related activity assigned to our students which takes place in the public schools. The procedure for securing such approval also applies to our teacher preparation program since students in that program also utilize the public schools in our service area. This procedure is stated in the guide for students, faculty and cooperating school personnel in part as follows:

"One area coordinator (at the present time Dr. Herb Hendricks) is Chief Field Coordinator with responsibility of assuring consistent placement procedures in all areas and balanced distribution of students to schools in all areas. The Chief Field Coordinator is responsible to the faculty and Chairman of the HSU Education Department."
The procedure is for a University staff member to contact the Field Coordinator who then initiates contact with appropriate school personnel concerning visitation of a University student or class to engage in research or observation in that school.

Because many school administrators object to student use of their schools without such coordinated clearance, failure to adhere to this procedure damages relations between public schools of our service area and the University. Negative reactions from public school personnel result when teachers and administrators find their programs saturated and thus hampered by the volume of activity requiring cooperation with University students and faculty.
So that the University's instructional programs may continue to have the best possible cooperative relationships with the public schools of our service region, please adhere to the procedures specified in this memorandum.

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