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VP 79-4 Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program

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VP 79-4

DEADLINE:  November11  1979

Instructors and  assistant professors who are tenured or probationary are invited to apply for  support  under the Affirmative Action Faculty  Development Program.   An eligible faculty  member may  apply for  either part of  the  program or  for both parts described below.  Only tenured or probationary instructors and  assistant professors are eligible.
This year's funding for  travel and  mini-grants is almost two-thirds less than last year. Therefore, similar reductions have been made in  offering individual awards.
l.    Travel Support for the Presentation of Papers at Professional Meetings
A  maximum of  $100 may  be  provided to  an  individual faculty  member for attending a professional meeting at which the faculty member will present a paper.

To  apply submit a concise summary of the paper together with details of the professional meeting at which it is to be presented and of  the travel costs expected.

2.      Mini-Grants
Funds for  this part  of  the  program are  intended to  provide support for  the purchase of equipment and  materials needed for  research or  creative projects.  A  maximum of $300 may  be  granted to  an  individual faculty  member for use during the  Winter or Spring quarter, or  both.
To  applyI submit a  proposal describing the research or  creative project to  be undertaken the  expected results, and a  budget.

Applications should be  submitted  by November 1, 1979  to:

Dr. Helen Batchelor, Chair

Affirmative Action Faculty  Development Committee

221  Siemens Hall


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