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VP 85-2 Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program

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VP 85-2

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  An Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program will again be fund­ ed for the CSU system for the 1985-86 academic year.  The purpose of this program is to assist probationary or tenured instructors, assistant professors, and associate professors who have demonstrated potentiality for successful academic careers in meeting the qualifi­ cations for retention, tenure, or promotion, and to enhance the possibility of their being considered positively for such appointment or career advancement.  Under 1imited circum­ stances certain lecturers may participate in part of the program.  Librarians are now eligible for participation in the program, except for those at the equivalent rank of full professor.

Awards to lecturers for mini-grants and travel funds, not for assigned time, may be granted if:  (1) there are no qualified and eligible probationary or tenured faculty candidates; (2) the faculty member has taught at HSU for a minimum of two full years prior to the granting of the awards; and (3)   the special contributions of the faculty member combined with the academic needs of the campus warrant such an award.
The degree of underrepresentation of any group within the faculty, college, or the campus as a whole will be considered in making all awards under this program.
Projects which are likely to have significant merit in the view of personnel committees will be given precedence over those which do not.  Persons being considered for tenure or promotion this academic year will be given low priority.
SUPPORT:    There are three parts to the program:  assigned time, mini-grants, and travel funds.  Oeseription of these parts and the guidelines for applying for each part are con­ tained in the attached call for applications.  Humboldt's allocations for 1985-86 are as follows:
Assigned time - 18 Weighted Teaching Units
Mini-grants - $700
Travel-in-state - $300
SCREENING COMMITTEE:  The consultative committee authorized by President McCrone when the Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program was established in 1978-79 consists of faculty members appointed on the basis of recommendations from the Academic Senate Appoint­ ments Committee and of administrators appointed by President McCrone.
Wendy A. Pederson, Affirmative Action Officer, will chair the committee and forward the committee's recommendations to the Office of the Provost for allocation decisions in accord with the requirements of the Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program as stated above and as established by the Chancellor's Office in previous years.
See reverse for information related to the "Call for Applications."

N.B.  Deadline for submission - November 1, 1985.


Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program
DEADLINE:  November 1, 1985
Instructors, assistant professors, and associate professors who are tenured or probationary are invited to apply for support under the Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program. Librarians, except for those at the equivalent rank of full professor, are also eligible for the program and are invited to apply.  Lecturers who have taught full-time for two years previously are eligible for a portion of the program.
Eligible instructors, assistant professors, associate professors, and librarians, may apply for one or more parts of the program--assigned time, mini-grants, and in-state travel funds.    Lecturers who are eligible may apply for mini-grants or travel funds only. Direc­ tions for applying for each portion of the program are outlined below.
The Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program is designed to support an individual faculty member's professional development.  Proposals for securing equipment or materials for a department will not be considered.
1.    Assigned Time for Winter or Spring Quarter, 1985-86
A faculty member may be released from a portion of his or her teaching as­ signments up to a maximum of two courses per term for the purpose of achiev­ ing one or more of these objectives:
a.     To prepare to teach a greater variety of courses needed in the depart­ ment, thereby having the potential of making the faculty member more valuable;
b.   To complete publication of instructional studies or research already underway which could benefit the faculty member in obtaining tenure or promotion;
c.    To undertake research and publication projects which could ultimately assist the faculty member in obtaining tenure, or
d.    To aid the faculty member in the completion of a terminal degree or other form of advance study.
2.    To Apply, Submit a Proposal Containing These Components:
a.  A statement of the intended objective:
b.  An outline of the work that has been begun or will be undertaken;
c.  The period of time required for completion of the project; and
d.  The contribution that the assigned time will make to the project.
3.  In-State Travel Support for the Presentation of Papers at Professional Meetings
A maximum of $100 may be provided to an individual faculty member for atten­ ding a professional meeting in California at which the faculty member will present a paper. Chairing a session will not be considered for an award.
To apply, submit a precis of the paper together with details of the profes­ sional meeting at which it is to be presented and the travel costs expected to be incurred.
4.    Mini-Grants
Mini-grant funds are intended to help pay the costs of materials for an in­ dividual's research or creative projects or to publish the results of research.  A maximum of $250 may be granted to an individual faculty member. All funds must be expended by May 31, 1986.  To apply, submit a concise pro­ posal describing the research or creative project to be undertaken, the expected results, and a budget.
Applications should be sumbitted by November 1, 1985 to:
Wendy A. Pederson, Chair
Affirmative Action Faculty Development Committee
221 Siemens Hall
Recipients of any award will be required to send a brief report on the use of the award to the Chair of the Affirmative Action Faculty Development Committee by June 2, 1986. 

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