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VP 85-4


The Program:  The CSU has recently established  a pilot program designed  to supplement  and support affirmative  action faculty development  objectives  while stimulating  faculty interest in research  and curriculum  development  in the continuing effort  to ensure  excellence and equity in our academic  and educational  programs.  The goals of the program incorporate the following:
a)  Enhancing the academic experiences of all students through the introduction or modification of courses that stress or include topics generally associated with educational equity issues.  These topics might address, but need not be limited to the legitimate and appropriate  academic  contributionsand achievements  of women,  the disabled,  and minority  scholars;  and the integration  and sensitization  of minority,  disabled,  and women's issues within the curriculum  as a whole.
b)  developing  teaching  strategies  and methodologieswhich are particularly  effective  in supporting  the educational  and academic  developmentof minority,  disabled  and women students  particularly  in those disciplinesthat currently  may be experiencing  the greatest degree of underrepresentation,such as mathematics,  science, and engineering.
c)  improving  the quality  of  instruction,  faculty  preparation,  and  teacher  training, through the initiation of research efforts which adequately respond to the changing demographics  of our student populations  and the concomitant  implications  for curriculum planning.
Supportand Utilization of Funds:  The CSU has allocated $1,000 to HSU in order to initiate this program.  All full-time faculty, including Lecturers and Librarians, are eligible to participate.
The funds may be used for the following:
l)  Release time to conduct research and study associated with the implementation of the goals of the program.  There is no limit on the amount of release time granted.
2)  Grants to assist faculty in undertaking projects that would assist them in meeting the objectives of the program.
3)  Travel or tuition reimbursement to attend conferences,workshops, or seminars that prepares the faculty members to better respond to educational equity issues.
4)  Mini-grants to assist faculty in pursuing publication projects that would stimulate greater interest in and awareness of educational equity issues.
All funds must be expended and release time used within this fiscal year.
The Application Process:    All applications will be screened by the Affirmative Action Faculty Development Committee.  Wendy A. Pederson, Affirmative Action Officer, is the committee chair and will forward the committee's recommendations to the Office of the Provost for allocation decisions in accord with the requirements of the Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program.  Notification of support will be made to recipients by the Provost.
To apply, submit a proposal, clearly indicating Educational Equity Program, containing these components:
a)  A statement of the intended objectives;
b)  An outline of the work that will be undertaken;
c)  The period of time required for completion; and
d)  The contribution that the release time or funds will make to the project.
Wendy A. Pederson, Chair
Affirmative Action Faculty Development Committee
Educational Equity Program
221Siemens Hall
Note: Recipients of any award will be required to send a brief report on the use of the award to the Chair of the Affirmative Action Faculty Development Committee by June 2,

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