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VPAA 00-07

I.       Charge of the Committee:

·         to advise the Athletics Director;
·         to revise the mission and goals statement, as needed;
·         to advise the President and Academic Vice President on athletic matters;
·         to periodically examine the direction and balance of the sports that constitute the program;
·         to assist in the clarification of the kinds of issues that the Athletics Director should discuss with the Dean of the College of Professional Studies and those which should be reported to the Vice President;
·         to develop policies that will help to ensure equal treatment of male and female athletes.
II.    Membership:
·         Dean, College of Professional Studies, Chair (non-voting)
·         Dean, Enrollment Management
·         Athletics Director (non-voting)
·         Chair, Department of Health and Physical Education (non-voting)
·         Faculty Athletics Representative (appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs)
·         Two faculty members (appointed by the Vice President)
·         One coach (elected by the head coaches);
·         One student athlete (elected by the Student Athlete Committee);
·         One student from Associated Students who also serves on the IRA Committee;
·         Two members of the community (appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs).


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