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VPAA 13-05 Name Change to ORECD

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VPAA 13-05


August 20, 2013

SUBJECT:           Office of Research & Sponsored Programs Foundation
                               Name Changed to Office of Research, Economic and Community                                    Development
DISTRIBUTION:   All Campus Staff and Faculty
The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs has been increasingly integrating economic and community development activities as a way of enhancing research opportunities available to the campus.  This has been an effective mechanism to increase outreach to the community.  As such, I am adding economic and community development to their charter. 
Effective today, August 20, 2013, the current name for the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs Foundation will be changed to the Office of Research, Economic and Community Development (ORECD).  The ORECD will continue to focus efforts to support university, faculty and staff research interests as well as to integrate with economic and community development.
Please continue to support Dean Williamson and Director Karp in these efforts. 
Ensure that relevant documents, messages, websites, etc., reflect the name change.

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