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HSU Policies

University Senate Resolutions

University Senate Resolutions made after 2013 are located on the University Senate website at

Month/Yearsort icon Policy Number Policy Title Supersedes
09-1989 [01-89/90-EX] Resolution from the Senate Executive Committee on Parking Fees
09-1999 [01-99/00-EX] Policies and Procedures for Faculty Merit Increases
10-1999 [02-99/00-EX] Revision of Student Grievance Procedures
10-1999 [05-99/00-EX] Response to the Draft Accountability Process Document
11-1999 [03-99/00-FA] Mid-Semester Evaluations and Retention, Tenure and Promotion
02-2000 [07-99/00-EP] General Education Requirement for a Second Baccalaureate
02-2000 [09-99/00-EX] Proposed Revision of Title 5 Regulations on Undergraduate Degrees
02-2000 [10-99/00-EP] Response to the Governor's Call for Community Services
02-2000 [11-99/00-EX] Commendation to HSU Staff who Facilitated the Faculty Merit Increase Process
03-2000 [14-99/00-EX] Receipt of Sabbatical Leave Report
04-2000 [08-99/00-EX] Academic Outcomes and Assessment Strategies
04-2000 [12-99/00-EX] Replacement of Retiring Faculty
04-2000 [13-99/00-EP] Diversity and Common Ground
05-2000 [04-99/00-EP] Review of Programs Not Under the Jurisdiction of Any One Department
05-2000 [16-99/00-FA] Termination of College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Dean Search
05-2000 [17-99/00-FA] Governance of the California State University
05-2000 [18-99/00-FA] Faculty Merit Increase (FMI) Program Moratorium
09-2000 [01-00/01-EX ] Resolution Regarding Revision of Sabbatical Leave Review Process
10-2000 [05-00/01-EX] Resolution Regarding the Membership of the Academic Senate
12-2000 [06-00/01-EX ] Resolution Regarding Student Intellectual Property Rights
02-2001 [07-00/01-EP ] Resolution on Continuous Enrollment Policy for Graduate Students
04-2001 [09-00/01-EX] Resolution Regarding the Final Report of the Schedule 25 Ad-Hoc Committee
09-2010 [01-10/11-ICC] Transforming Two Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) Major Options (Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies) Into a New IS Major Option: Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies
10-2010 [02-10/11-APC] Policy for a Minimum Passing Grade Requirement for Graduate Degrees
10-2010 [03-10/11-APC] HSU Internship Policy
10-2011 [01-11/12-AP] Resolution on Policy for Awarding Certificates of Achievement and Posthumous Degrees
10-2011 [02-11/12-FA] Appendix J Amendment: Procedures for Peer Review Committees
11-2011 [04-11/12-FA] Appendix J Amendment: Soliciting Student Letters
11-2011 [06-11/12-APC] Time Limit for Undergraduate Report in Progress (RP) Grades
04-2012 [22-11/12-APC ] Policy on Academic Internships VPAA 10-07
04-2012 [21-11/12-APC] Policy on Field Trips
04-2012 [20-11/12-FAC] Policy on the Voluntary Reassignment of Faculty
04-2012 [30-11/12-ICC] Guidelines for Adding Online Versions of Existing Face-to-Face Programs
04-2012 [31-11/12-APC] Academic Program Discontinuance Procedure
04-2012 [36-11/12-ICC] Guidelines for Approving New Degree and Credential Programs
05-2012 [39-11/12-APC] Academic Progress Rules (Milestones) for Undergraduate Programs
09-2012 [03-12/13-APC] Policy for Major and Minor Combinations from the Same Degree Program
09-2012 [02-12/13-URPC] Amendment to Section 2.4 "University Resources and Planning Committee" of the Bylaws and Rules of Procedure of the University Senate
09-2012 [05-12/13-APC] Revision of HSU Distance Education Policy 27-05/06-EP
09-2012 [06-12/13-FAC] Revision of Appendix J: Routing of Working Personnel Action Files
09-2012 [07-12/13-FAC] Revision of Appendix U: Statement on Professional Ethics
10-2012 [09-12/13-APC] Changing Standards for Admission of International Students
10-2012 [10-12/13-FAC] Revision of Appendix J: Student Evaluations
11-2012 [13-12/13-APC] Revision of Policy on Graduate Program Culminating Experience Requirements 23-11/12-APC
02-2013 [16-12/13-FAC] Revision of Faculty Handbook: Professional Responsibility Committee
03-2013 [12-12/13-FAC] Revision of Appendix J: Removal of Wet Signatures Requirement
03-2013 [18-12/13-APC] Revision of Policy on Declaration of Major
03-2013 [21-12/13-APC] Addendum to Existing Policy on Academic Probation
03-2013 [26-12/13-CBC] Revision of the University Senate Bylaws and Rules of Procedure
03-2013 [27-12/13-FAC] Pilot of Electronic Anonymous Student Evaluations of Teaching
03-2013 [27-12/13-FAC] Pilot of Electronic Anonymous Student Evaluations of Teaching
04-2013 [22-12/13-APC] Change to Policy on Second Bachelor's Degree
04-2013 [29-12/13-FAC:] Student Evaluations of Teaching in Low Enrollment Courses
04-2013 [35-12/13-ICC:] Online Certificate in Institutional Research
05-2013 [23-12/13-EX] Amendments to General Faculty Constitution: Eligibility and Term Limits for General Faculty Representatives to the Statewide Senate
05-2013 [25-12/13-FAC] Resolution on Electronic Working Personnel Action Files (WPAFs)
05-2013 [30-12/13-APC:] Resolution on Course Numbering System VPAA 95-01
05-2013 [30-12/13-APC:] Resolution on Course Numbering System VPAA 10-02
05-2013 [30-12/13-APC:] Resolution on Course Numbering System VPAA 10-05
05-2013 [33-12/13-Gahtan] Revision of the HSU Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research
05-2013 [36-12/13-EX] Resolution on Anti-Hazing Policy

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