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HSU Policies


UML 03-01 Humboldt State University Nondiscrimination Policy

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UML 03-01

Language clarification 09/2008
Supersedes UML 00-03

Humboldt State University is committed to maintaining an environment free from unlawful discrimination. To fulfill this commitment, the University will work to prevent unlawful discrimination from occurring and will ensure that University policies prohibiting discrimination are fully enforced.

UML 01-01 Payment or Reimbursement of Hospitality Expenses

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UML 01-01

The following CSU Executive Order (761) hereby is adopted as Humboldt State University's policy and procedure for the payment or reimbursement of hospitality expenses.

SA0001 University Quad Events Policy

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A major component in a student’s educational experience is the opportunity to participate in open discussion outside the classroom. Further, students should have a place on campus where campus club events can be advertised, club tabling can occur, and outdoor campus-wide events may take place.



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