Ellie Cachette (2006)

Ellie Cachette

Ellie is the founder and chief executive officer of ConsumerBell, a company which assists both other companies and their customers in recall situations. She has been profiled in Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, and is active in the female founders movement. She was also the inaugural recipient of Humboldt State University’s Distinguished Recent Alumni Award in 2013.

Tell us a bit about your journey after leaving HSU.

Soon after graduating I settled back into San Francisco working in technology and software of the past five years I did spend almost two working in Manhattan as well as several projects that brought me overseas. San Francisco is home.

What excites you most about your work?

Every morning is exciting and filled with opportunity, the most exciting part of my job running a start-up is watching others on my team come up with ideas and see them fulfilled. I love with others’ dream can be weaved into a team vision.

What advice do you have for current undergrads? What do you wish you knew when you were an undergraduate?

I wish I understood the value of community the way that I do now back then. The friendships and people you partner with early on are people you carry and call on in the future. College shouldn’t be simply about meeting class requirements but finding ways to become smarter and make friends with similarly minded people.

Any memorable experiences from your political science major that you’d like to share?

In a world where politics is now on the surface of media and media driving global communication, having a political science degrees isn’t just a good idea but an advantage. Having the ability to think clearly, write clearly, and argue clearly is the foundation of business whether advertising, negotiating or marketing. Political Science at Humboldt gave me the opportunity to see innovative thoughts around society while also understanding how to apply logic in the workplace. My favorite memory of Humboldt was being able to pick a senior dissertation that I liked and getting daily support from advisors and professors to help make my schedule and workload exactly what I wanted.

Anything else?

The already beautiful campus is even more so polished and impressive. I would go back any day.