Students in Al Harris' Class

About the Program

A major in Political Science from our department will show you how to work with and within governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); help you understand how social justice and culture shape the environmental movement; and explore how politics affects the international community.

For students who wish to concentrate on the study of politics as part of their liberal arts education, the Department of Politics offers lower-division core and skills courses in political science and three upper-division elective emphases clustered around major social and political challenges of the 21st century. The experience component of our program recognizes the importance of “hands on” learning outside the classroom.

We strongly encourage our students to include an international experience (a year, semester, or summer abroad) as part of their undergraduate major in political science. To enhance their success, we place a high value on oral and written communication and recommend students attain competence in a foreign language and computer literacy.

Departmental Emphases

Student interest and faculty expertise have led the Department of Politics to create three distinctive emphases within the major. Students can choose courses from one or more of the three. Working with an advisor, majors can customize a program that meets their needs.

Environment and Sustainability
Environmental concerns are not just technical problems, they’re also social and political challenges. This area explores links between environmental issues and concerns about
social justice, individual freedom and communal identity. » Read More

Advocacy and Institutions
Want to change the world? In this area, you’ll learn how the political system works – both within government and NGOs. That’s knowledge you can take from the grass-roots right up to Congress. » Read More

Globalization occurs at the intersections of politics, economics and cultures. In this area we study these intersections while learning how international organizations work, and how technology and the shrinking globe affect politics. » Read More

Hands-On Experience

As part of your degree requirements, you pursue one or more of the following hands-on learning opportunities. It’s the kind of experience that’s crucial to career choices.

Our students are at work in political offices from the city level up to Washington, D.C. With such a broad range, you’re sure to find one that sparks your interest. » Read More

Political Advocacy
Here you’ll learn the organizing and strategizing skills that enable you to initiate change from the ground up.

Model United Nations
You can also participate in our award-winning Model U.N. program. Every year our students meet up with colleagues from as far away as Russia and the Philippines in a conference to examine the same issues the U.N. is grappling with today.