Globalization occurs at the intersections of politics, economics and cultures. In this area we study these intersections within nation-states and between them, while learning how technology and the shrinking globe affect politics.

Potential career paths for majors with interests in this area include:
Foreign Service officer, foreign affairs analyst, Peace Corps volunteer, policy officer, policy analyst (governmental or nongovernmental), lobbyist, and legislative correspondent.

Some resources for careers in this area:
The HSU Career Center is also a valuable resource that students should consult early and often.

Other career resources include: Foreign Service Association, USAID, the Peace Corps, and the United Nations.

Websites with a range of listings of international jobs include: Foreign Policy Association Job Board ; Jobs Abroad; and International Jobs.

We teach the following upper-division courses in this area:

For more information, feel free to talk with the following department faculty members: Mark Baker, Al Harris, Selma (Sam) Sonntag, Noah Zerbe.