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CSU and tuition for 2017-18

The California State University has held its tuition at the same level for five years, during a time when other state universities around the country have increased their tuition every year. At their March 2017 meeting, the California State University’s Board of Trustees approved a tuition increase of $270 per year for California undergraduates. 

Federal support for HSU

With the upcoming changes in leadership for our country, I’ve been thinking about all the ways in which Humboldt State receives financial support from the federal government.

One of the most important linkages is through the Pell Grant, which provides support for students pursuing their first undergraduate degree or initial teaching credential.  HSU students are receiving abut $22 million this year from federally funded Pell Grants.

HSU and the Equity Alliance of the North Coast

Humboldt State is actively involved in a regional effort to develop a more welcoming and supportive community.  This initiative is called the Equity Alliance of the North Coast, and the goals are to address the effects of marginalization and exclusion of people based on a wide range of factors, such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and social and economic status.  The Equity Alliance’s goal is to increase inclusion throughout this region.

Who was Humboldt?

Do you know how Humboldt State University – and Humboldt Bay and Humboldt County – got their names?  The Bay was named first – in 1850.  The county and the college followed.

Humboldt Bay was named by two mariners who were exploring the Northern California coast and chose the name of the best known naturalist of the day.   Charles Darwin once commented, ““[Alexander von Humboldt was the] greatest scientific traveller who ever lived.”  That’s why so many places, plants, and animals are named after him.

“Witness to the Revolution”

One of the books I am reading right now is Clara Bingham’s new publication, “Witness to the Revolution.” The long subtitle is “Radicals, Resisters, Vets, Hippies, and the Year America Lost Its Mind and Found Its Soul.”