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The Humboldt Energy Independence Fund

I recently met with Humboldt State students who are involved in the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund, known by its initials as HEIF.

The idea for HEIF came from students more than a decade ago.  Students proposed charging themselves a small fee – about $13 per semester – to support energy-saving projects.   And here’s the key:  the ideas and the proposals are created by students and selected by students.  Of course, the Facilities Management Department is involved in the planning, to ensure the project is do-able, but the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund is student-driven.

Humboldt State Is Still In

When the United States withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, a group of businesses, states, cities, and universities signed up to continue pursuing the goals of this agreement.  This list has over 1,700 signers, including the State of California, the California State University system, and Humboldt State University, as well as organizations across the county. 

Commencement 2017

Commencement at HSU is always exciting.  Just over 2,300 students earned degrees and credentials this year, and we celebrated all of them at graduation.  The day brought rain and sunshine at all three ceremonies, one for each of the three academic colleges.  The Redwood Bowl was filled for all three ceremonies with proud parents and families.

The 2017 graduates ranged in age from 19 to 74 years old, and one of the students carried her six-day-old baby across the stage with her.

The graduates came from 31 states and 21 different countries.

CSU and tuition for 2017-18

The California State University has held its tuition at the same level for five years, during a time when other state universities around the country have increased their tuition every year. At their March 2017 meeting, the California State University’s Board of Trustees approved a tuition increase of $270 per year for California undergraduates. 

Federal support for HSU

With the upcoming changes in leadership for our country, I’ve been thinking about all the ways in which Humboldt State receives financial support from the federal government.

One of the most important linkages is through the Pell Grant, which provides support for students pursuing their first undergraduate degree or initial teaching credential.  HSU students are receiving abut $22 million this year from federally funded Pell Grants.