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A travel story

We all have one.

If you live on the Redwood Coast long enough, you’ll have a major travel adventure.  Flying or driving, trying to get out of town or back home, you’ll have a story.

Every month, all the campus presidents in the California State University system are required to attend meetings in Long Beach.  These meetings are not optional – attendance is a job requirement.  Since I became president at Humboldt State, I have made more than 40 round trips between Arcata and Long Beach – and I had always made it home on the day I had planned.

Until recently.

How we are creating a more welcoming and supportive environment at HSU.

On August 18, 2017, I sent a message to the Humboldt State University community outlining some of the many initiatives that are in progress to addressing one of our major strategic goals:  to create an environment that welcomes and supports everyone among our diverse populations.  A copy of this message follows.



To the University community:

Here comes the sun.

Skywatchers across the United States are preparing for the total solar eclipse, which is happening on August 21, 2017,the first day of fall semester classes at HSU.  This eclipse is being described as a “once in a lifetime experience.”  The moon will cover about 87% of the sun here in Arcata.  I won’t see this eclipse – I’ll be on my way to a mandatory monthly meeting at the California State University offices in Long Beach. 

The value of a growth mindset

This past summer, the 23 presidents of the California State University campuses all read the book Mindset by Carol Dweck.  The subtitles of this book are “The New Psychology of Success” and “How we can learn to fulfill our potential.”  As CSU presidents, we agreed that this book offered valuable perspective – for our jobs, for our campuses, and for education across our state and our country.

Save the whale

I loved hearing the recent news reports about the collaborative effort along the Redwood Coast to save a whale. 

Near Crescent City, a young humpback whale became entangled in anchor lines, ropes, fishing lines, and buoys.  These lines and anchors were dragging the whale down toward the ocean floor, and it was starting to have difficulty getting to the surface for breath.