Office of the President

Staff Recognition Awards - Nomination Procedure and Review Process

Nomination Procedure 

September 12, 2014


HSU Community

Dear Colleagues:


Much of the success of Humboldt State University depends on the dedication, experience, and skill of our staff.  We encourage you to submit nominations for our Staff Recognition Awards, which are supported by private funds contributed by alumni and other friends of the university.  Staff members from both state and auxiliary units who have been exceptional employees can be nominated; they must be active employees when nominated.  Please complete a separate letter for each nominee. These awards are not for students, management, or faculty employees, nor are current members of Staff Council eligible (see for the names of this year’s members). Individuals may receive this award multiple times, but not in consecutive years.  The strongest nomination letters will be no more than two pages and will address the following points:

  1. How has your nominee consistently performed his or her job in a manner that you consider to be especially helpful to staff, faculty, or students?
  2. How does this person handle difficult job assignments or cope with challenging working conditions in an especially admirable manner?
  3. Has this person suggested an innovative solution to a problem or task resulting in cost or time savings or in better service to the campus community? Please explain.
  4. Has any campus or community service by this employee enhanced the image and service effectiveness of the University or the community?
  5. Can you highlight a specific outstanding performance incident from the past year that merits special recognition? Please explain.
  6. In the form of a short paragraph, please provide any additional information that you think should be taken into consideration. This may include length of employment.

Letters of nomination should be sent to Joy Finney, Office of the President (or emailed to by noon, Friday, October 3, 2014.  You may want to give a copy of your letter to the employee you are nominating.  Preliminary review of nominations will be made by the Staff Council followed by final consideration by the President’s Cabinet.  Awards will be presented as part of the Spring Welcome, on Wednesday, January 14, 2015.


Thank you for your help in recognizing honoring the contributions of our particularly meritorious staff members.



Michael Le, President, Staff Council

Lisa A. Rossbacher, President


Review Process

1.    President’s Office solicits nominations (September)

2.    Staff Council receives nominations (October)

3.    Staff Council reviews and forwards recommendations to President’s Office  (November)

4.    Vice Presidents/Managers review recommendations (November)

5.    President approves final awards and presents names at Spring Welcome (January)