Credit Cards

Travel Card

The US Bank Visa Travel Card is available to Humboldt State University employees for expenses while traveling on University business. The US Bank Travel Card Application and Acknowledgement is available on the HSU Forms Site and the US Bank Visa Travel Card Benefits is also available for review.

Procurement Credit Card Program (ProCard)

The ProCard simplifies the procurement process for low dollar purchases. It delegates authority and responsibility to cardholders to purchase these items directly from suppliers and replaces the need for requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and checks. The ProCard should be used as the first option before other existing methods to obtain supplies and goods costing less than the transaction limit and which are not otherwise prohibited.

Before using your new card please review and become familiar with the processes and procedures contained on the following sections.

ProCard Cycle Dates

List of dates month by month that define the start and end of each ProCard cycle period, the dates transactions must be reconciled by, the dates on or after which transaction reports should be run, and the dates for submission of reports and receipts to Accounts Payable.

Dates for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year

Dates for the 2015-16 Fiscal Year

Prohibited & Restricted Purchases

Prohibited Purchases

The following purchases are not allowed to be purchased with your ProCard. If you have any questions about whether a purchase is prohibited or not, please contact this office prior to making the purchase.

  • Cash Advances
  • Splitting of purchases to circumvent regulations
  • Gifts or items of a personal nature - defined but not limited to greeting cards, awards or    plaques, flowers or plants, food or drink, party supplies, holiday decorations, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee makers, etc.
  • Purchase of any goods or services for personal use
  • Purchase of firearms, explosives, radioactive materials, narcotics and other controlled substances
  • Purchase of equipment exceeding $5,000 in value
  • Travel or travel-related expenses, e.g. airplane tickets, hotel reservations, e.g. anything that must be submitted on a Travel Claim Form.  (Contact Accounts Payable Travel Coordinator, extension 4235, if you are unsure.)
  • Postage stamps or metered mail
  • Gasoline
  • Any kind of deposits
  • Services available through Plant Operations
  • Services which require a vendor to come onto the campus; e.g. maintenance/repair of equipment, installation, training, window washing, pick up/delivery of item(s) to be serviced.  Any vendor who drives on campus is considered an on-campus service provider and requires proof of insurance.
  • Contractual purchases or services which require a contract or signature, specific terms and conditions, or a detailed scope of work; e.g. lease agreements, maintenance agreements, construction/modifications/special repairs, software licenses.
  • Drapery or window coverings.

Restricted Purchases (ProCard may be used with the conditions noted)

  • Hospitality - Food or beverages (catering, restaurants/bars, grocery stores, etc.) generally cannot be purchased with state general funds, however, state funds may be used for hospitality purposes.  Prior to making a hospitality purchase, review University Management Letter 01-01, Payment or Reimbursement for Hospitality Expenses. Contact Procurement with questions or to confirm expense is appropriate for hospitality.
  • A Request for Payment of Hospitality Expenses and itemized receipt(s) must be included with your monthly ProCard reconciliation documentation to Accounts Payable. Please Note:  Unauthorized expenses charged on the ProCard will be reimbursed to the University by cardholder and privileges may be suspended.

  • Cell Phones and Pagers – Prior to making the purchase, please contact this office at extension 3512.
  • Furniture – Prior to making the purchase, please contact this office at extension 3512.

Merchant Category Code (MCC)

Vendors are categorized by Merchant Category Codes (MCC). If your credit card transaction is denied due to a blocked MCC, please contact your program administrator at (707)826-3512.

Relevant Forms

ProCard Application

The application for a ProCard and the Participating Employee Acknowledgement of Responsibilities form.

ProCard Revision Form

Use this form to change cardholder information, single transaction and/or monthly credit limits or default chartfields.

Lost Receipt Memo

Use this form if the original receipt has been lost or destroyed.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required

Get Acrobat Reader Contracts & Procurement downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be download from the Adobe Website and is free for use.