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International Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Degrees Offered: BA

The International Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program with four distinct components: core curriculum, area concentration, language proficiency, and residency abroad. Many study abroad programs are available, including opportunities for students who need to complete intermediate to advanced language work, as well as for students who already have language proficiency. By planning ahead, students may also use their time abroad to complete required coursework and electives.

The International Studies Program provides a flexible and balanced combination between classroom instruction and direct contact with the regions and cultures of interest. The program prepares students to enter the international labor force in the U.S. or abroad, in the public or private sector, in for-profit or nonprofit organizations. This program also provides a basic foundation for further graduate work and scholarship in the international field.

Program Leader

  • Alison Holmes 707-826-3226
FH 180

Major Options

  • Chinese Studies
  • European Studies
  • Global Cultural Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Third World Development Studies

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